Getty Images Approves Contributor App

Getty Images has given its approval for an application for creating digital model and property releases.


Application Gap, of Washington DC, is proud to announce that its product, Easy Release 1.8 for iOS, is the first application approved by Getty Images, Inc for creating digital model and property releases.  Robert Giroux, founder of ApplicationGap, says “Since its release in March 2010, Easy Release has gained wide and enthusiastic acceptance from professional photographers.  While many stock agencies have for months been accepting model and property releases created with Easy Release, approval by Getty Images means far more professionals will be able to take advantage of our application to save time and money.”

Giroux continues, “Over the last several months we have worked hard to make sure Easy Release meets all of Getty’s strict standards and requirements.  Easy Release is now a better tool than ever for creating professional and reliable model and property releases quickly and easily from wherever you are.”  Getty Images joins several other stock agencies, most notably Alamy, who already accept releases created with Easy Release.

Getty announced its approval on November 9th, 2010 via its creative contributor web site ( Getty contributors should refer to Getty’s site for the latest rules and restrictions related to digital releases. At this time, Getty has only approved Easy Release for iOS version 1.8.100814 (the current version available in Apple’s App Store). Also, Getty has placed some restrictions on digital releases created in China, due to local laws.

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