Action Plus Launches Commercial Compete Collection

Action Plus, a London based Sports Images company has finished work on their Compete collection and is now officially launching it. compete is a collection of commercial sports images aimed at advertising, design and corporate clients.


Action Plus Sports Images has developed and launched a new web site to support the newly created commercial sports images collection, named COMPETE Images.

COMPETE Images was created to provide advertisers, corporate, web designers and other clients the ability to use real-event sports images for commercial uses. Differing from news or sports editorial, COMPETE provides images that are either model released are developed in such a way as to not need a release for commercial uses (see site for details)

The COMPETE collection can be viewed at as of today and is available for immediate licensing. The collection has been placed with over 20 worldwide agencies and as part of the future development of this web site, it will provide these agents with a number of useful tools such as online reporting, clearance and model release requests and FTP download of newly released images and updated metadata files.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses