Glow Launches Glowbotanica Collection

Stockphotography Agency Glow Images is launching a new collection.


This is a new collection of imagery to be released by global producer Glowimages. The focus of this new collection is getting back to nature and is ready for launch to the international market with over 6000 Rights Managed images, all of which are fully model released.

Glowbotanica is a lifestyle collection of people enjoying the great outdoors, connecting with their environment, working, just relaxing or having fun with family and friends. Outdoor activities are portrayed such as fishing, jogging, horse riding, dancing, swimming, gardening and camping.

Glowbotanica is also a diverse collection of flora and fauna imagery: from farm animals to insects, flamingos to elephants, beaches, mountain terrain, waterfalls, finely cultivated vineyards, tended gardens and flowers alongside urban landscapes.

The collection can be previewed

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses