Stockfood Converts Full Collection To 3D

Stockfood will be offering 3D conversion for its full collection of 400.00o. With the conversion the company is taking a different approach than Indian-based Images Bazaar who’s announcement you can read seperately.


The trend for feature films in 3D, like Avatar, Shrek, Toy Story, etc., looks set to sweep the advertising and publishing industries too.

Lifestyle magazines, advertising posters and promotional videos are all waiting to be transformed in the same way. When it comes to competing for consumer attention, 3D’s brilliant optical effects have proved most successful. StockFood is an agency already known as a trendsetting specialist in the field of food images and film clips: it is now one of the first picture agencies in the world to cater for the 3D needs of the communication industry.

Every image in the agency’s collections – both royalty-free and rights-managed – is now also available in 3D, for an additional handling fee of £99. StockFood’s food-themed images have always engaged the senses, arousing pleasure and joie de vivre in their viewers. By converting StockFood pictures into three-dimensional images, the visual effects are enormously enhanced through greater depth and a sculptural quality. Food images in particular seem even more intense and appetising with the help of 3D – a persuasive argument in product marketing.

StockFood’s CEO Pete A. Eising adds: “Many shots look much more impressive when you add this third dimension. The food becomes extra tempting: you might say that it makes you want to reach out and touch it! And since advertising is all about creating desire, we’re seeing an increased demand for just this kind of 3D material.”

At the moment StockFood’s customers can choose from over 400,000 images at 3D conversion works best with images with the greatest depth and multiple layers. In such cases, stunning effects can be achieved. With images shot with less depth, the 3D effect is proportionately less intense. StockFood’s service team offers one-toone advice to help marketing and media clients select the most appropriate subjects for conversion. Any 3D image can be delivered within two working days.

Of course, to enjoy these sculptural images you need 3D glasses. This is an interesting element of 3D image use in advertising and magazines: either the glasses have to be provided at the site of any 3D campaign, or they have to be sent to customers or readers on request. Either way, the need for special glasses offers an ideal opportunity for direct communication with target clients. Although this has a financial cost, it allows the customer to become more involved in the communication tool and personal commitment of this kind enhances advertising impact.

StockFood is launching the new 3D service in the December issue of the company’s newsletter. At the same time a taste of the 3D experience will be shown on the website: at slideshow of outstanding new 3D food images can be seen. StockFood will be giving away 1,000 free pairs of red-cyan glasses to ensure the success of ‚“Seduction in 3D“, the name of the company’s marketing campaign.

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