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First of all, best wishes to all readers and subscribers, I do appreciate you taking the time to read the posts on Fast Media Magazine and thank all readers, subscribers and members forthe support over the past year. It’s been hard work but it looks like Fast Media Magazine has firmly established itself as the Picture Business Guide. The site has been running for just over a year now and we’re well over one thousand posts now and thousands of readers.

This new year is proving to be full of exciting developments and you will find the latest developments, news, tips and guides relating to the Picture Business here. You can also help by sending your press releases, newsletters and anything else you find interesting. There’s a big chance it will be published right here.

The first part of this year has an extra bit of excitement; I have been asked to organise and moderate the second ‘New Media’ day at the largest conference for the Picture Business, Cepic, which will take place in Istanbul (more on this later). I am very much looking forward to get this started and you will find articles over the coming weeks and months relating to the theme of the event. And if you have any ideas and suggestions please let me know. I will soon announce the theme for the day.

And don’t forget there’s the Fast Media Directory where you can register your business for free (for now). You can also showcase your deals to your clients on, just like last year. After a short break around the holidays I will start posting again this week, it has taken a little bit longer to get started because of the launch of Picturemedia but things are now settling in and articles are on their way.

If you want to be involved with Fast Media Magazine in 2011 please let me know on I am interested in contributions, tips, partnerships and other interesting topics and projects relating to the Picture Business.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will continue to enjoy and support Fast Media Magazine in 2011.

All the best,

Marco Oonk, Founder and Editor

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