Instagram And Other Photo Apps See Explosive Growth

There are a fair number of apps in the market that let you edit, manipulate and share images. Instagram is a relatively new one. It’s worth checking out if only for the incredible growth the app has seen. Launched in October 2010 it had 100.000 users in its first week. Three months later, by the end of December it has 1 million users. The company started with 2 people and has now grown to the grand total of 4 employees

This is how the company describes the app.

Instagram is a simple iPhone application with a built-in social network that allows users to snap, crop, enhance (via a range of stylistic filters) and share photos. The filters lend an artistic beauty — or consciousness, if you will — the photos might not have had otherwise. The photos tend to be better looking and better curated than those one could expect to find on TwitPic(Twitpic), for example. Users can then share their photos with their followers on Facebook(Facebook), Twitter, Flickr(Flickr), Tumblr and others using the app, who can boost their popularity by “like”-ing and commenting on them.

And the images don’t just live in social networks, one has already made it to the cover of the Wall Street Journal. Here’s a review of the app:

Marco | Editor

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