Unique Way To View Images Now As iPhone App

Pixolution, a company that gave an impressive demo of their unique way to browse images at the CEPIC 2010 conference has launched it’s application as an iPhone app.


Visolu is a new and unique app for iPhone and iPad, sorting and displaying images according to visual similarity within seconds. visolu changes cumbersome searching for photos into a quick and even fascinating task. visolu is a photo finder for all those, who have loads of photos on their devices and still want to find the right one in no time. Based on innovative technology developed by pixolution, hundreds or even thousands of images can be viewed simultaneously. The unique visual display allows users to keep track of their photos even in very large image sets. Using visolu is very intuitive: by dragging and zooming into the area of interest, individual photos can be looked at. After finding the right picture it can for instance be send by e-mail. More features are to come soon.

visolu visolu is available in the AppStore for 79 Cent. There is the free version visolu lite, limited to 400 images at a time and without processing of geotagging information

pixolution GmbH , based in Berlin, Germany, is focused on developing and providing technologies for managing visual content visually. Fields of application are with photo agencies, image search engines, e-commerce, photokiosk systems, online photo ordering, imaging software and many other.


Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses