iPad Magazine Subscriptons Coming?

Adweek reports that Apple may soon be launching a subscription service for magazine editions on the iPad. Readership of may of the main magazines that came out on the iPad have seen their paid readership decline after the initial high interest levels. Publishers think this is because readers prefer a subscription instead of paying relatively high unit prices. If this is indeed the next step and if publishers are right there could be another wave of readers of iPad editions around the corner.

Is the picture industry prepared for more iPad readers. There’s a movement towards charging extra licensing fees and at the same time there may be opportunities for picture businesses to connect with iPad readers.


Both sides have been haggling over the issue for months, and rumors of an announcement have been swirling the past several weeks. Still, one publishing exec said that now, “People are pretty confident.”

It’s not known which titles would launch the new model or the details of the model, which is believed to be a few weeks away from being announced. “Nobody’s got any real answers,” another publishing source said

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