Gazopa’s Similar Search Partners With Shutterstock

Gazopa is a new similar image search engine that has now been in Beta for a year. The site claims to make it easier to find images if keyword sites don’t work well. You upload an image to the site from your desktop and the engine starts searching similars. You can then dig further into the results and find more similars within your search results. The company has also been experimenting with a style search that serves up similar style clothing from a picture. The company is based in Japan and is now offering Shutterstock pictures in its’ similar image search.


GazoPa is a next generation image search engine that uses features from an image such as color and/or shape to search for and identify similar images. GazoPa enables the use of users own photos, drawings, images found on the web and keywords as search keys to locate similar images.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses