Instagram iPhone App Covers The Grammy’s In Surprising Move

Instagram, the popular iPhone app that let’s you take pictures with your phone and apply various filters (lenses) to it is on to something new. For the Grammy’s the company launched a dedicated site where people who have the app can upload images in real  time. The site is up but is now showing more regular instagram contributions as well.

This innovative move does pose a question though. If Instagram is able to set up sites like these, is it then a distributor of press/event content? If this would be on the cards the builders of an iPhone app could become a competitor of celebrity/pap/event agencies and become an alternative distribution platform.

There appears to be no sign of monetization/licensing efforts at the moment but surely that’s not impossible to set up…

This may not be the intention of the company but it’s worth keeping in mind that competition in photography does have a tendency to come from unexpected corners.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses