Clustershot Has Found A New Owner After Auction

Microstock site Custhershot, who’s management announced it was closing only at the end of last month, has found a buyer. For a reported $25.000, investor Dominic Ang is taking over the business. The new owner announced the next steps on the clustershot blog.


Hello Everybody,

We are the proud winners of the ClusterShot auction. We are truly excited to become part of the ClusterShot community and are eager to roll-up our sleeves and continue to improve and support this impressive photography platform. We are backed by an investment firm focused and experienced in exactly this sort of thing: finding a small technology business/community and doing whatever it takes to help it grow into a healthy, thriving business.

Our current plans are to continue to support the ClusterShot platform and build on this great customer base. More importantly, our long-term plan is to ramp up investment in building new features and new capabilities in the ClusterShot platform. In short, we like this business and we are here to stay!

For the next 45 days, we hope to discover, retool and figure out how to best move the business forward. We will communicate our ideas to the ClusterShot community as best we can and as often as we can. We will be looking into features and capabilities that we need to develop, as well as pricing changes that we need to adapt, all based on the market and feedback from you. In the meantime, over the next 45 days only, we are keeping the Pro accounts free (after taking into account our earlier refund for the year) and fully functional.

Thank you everybody, for your patience and time. As we speak, we are working diligently with the silverorange team to close the transaction and get everybody back to business as usua

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses