iStockphoto Launches New Editorial Collection

iStockphoto has announced it is launching a collection of images for editorial usage.


iStockphoto has added a new collection of “editorial use only” stock images to These images are intended for use by news outlets, publishers, magazines, bloggers and presenters as a descriptive visual reference to a product, place, event or concept.

Editorial only images are covered by a licensing agreement that limits the manner in which they can be used. They are subject to a different, more restrictive set of content guidelines than images used commercially. For example, stock photos containing logos, trademarks, company names, product brands or patented designs cannot be used commercially, where in an editorial context they are perfectly acceptable. Similarly, if a photo containing a recognizable or identifiable person is to be used commercially, a model release is mandatory. For editorial purposes, model releases are generally not required.

“iStock images are already used for editorial purposes around the world,” said Kelly Thompson, COO of iStockphoto. “By offering more editorial images, we are now able to provide a treasure trove of new content that provides real-world representation of the topics a large number of our customers cover. Editorial images also represent a tremendous new opportunity for our contributors.”

While any of iStockphoto’s 8 million-plus images may be used for editorial purposes, editorial use only images may not be used for commercial purposes. For this reason, editorial use only images will be distinctly watermarked and visible on the search results page with an orange icon. Those not looking for editorial images will be given an option to filter out editorial use only images from search queries.

Like all iStockphoto files, editorial images will be covered by the company’s legal guarantee protecting customers from intellectual property and privacy disputes.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses