Kursiv Launches Special Postcard Collection

Swiss picture agency Kursiv launches a special collection for cards, posters and window displays


Postcardz is a new coup of Kursiv. The swiss photoagency launches an exclusive selection of photos and illustrations which are specifically suited for striking usages. The new Postcardz collection is a treasure trove to find themes for postcards, posters and even window displays.

Last december Kursiv already launched the Booxx collection with typical bookcover images. With Postcardz a second specialist collection is brought to the public. “To pile more images is no longer a criterium for us”, says Karsten Risseeuw from Kursiv. “Images are everywhere. We host and display over 18 million images for commercial and editorial projects. More important now is to solve the question how you get to the right images? That is the question we try to answer with our specialist collections. The Postcardz collection again simplifies access to a specific range of photos and illustrations.  Surprislingly such a new collection also opens up a new view on the collections and serves as a great source of inspiration.»

The Postcardz collection shows striking images with characteristic postcard themes like flowers, vintage photography, funny situations, photos on special occasions and traditional holidays, furthermore photos with socio-critical potential, related to ecology and social themes. The selection continuously will be enhanced.

According to Kursiv the Postcardz collection also aims at creative buyers for direct marketing projects and other customer related publications. The quality and selection might as well inspire some to use the photos as eyecatchers on events.

The Postcardz collection is now available at the Kursiv website

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses