Pulse Readers Adds Pictures From Flickr and Picplz

Pulse reader, the popular iPhone, iPad and Android app that uses RSS to power visually appealing newsfeeds has announced a number of partnerships. The content partnerships allows the newsreader to visualize the news even more. They do not use RSS but API to bring content to the feed One of the partnerships is with Picplz, an app that, similar to instagram, allows to take pictures, use filters to manipulate the image and then share this online. The other partnerships are with: Reddit, Digg, YouTube and Vimeo. This is what the team at Pulse says about it:

For a lot of our users, Pulse has now become their go-to “browser” for consuming content. And this content does not have to be restricted to RSS feeds. Today, we’re adding SIX brand new sources to Pulse. Our newest team member, Charles Chen, has worked with six different APIs to bring together some beautiful content right inside Pulse – and this ranges from social news to engaging videos to stunning photographs.

Readers that curate, organise and vizualise information are becoming ever more advanced and an alternative to the more closed model of magazine apps. This leaves creators and sellers of photography with the ongoing question if there is any way to monetize the use of more and more visuals in these open systems.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses