Introducing The Content Graph

In this article Scott Karp, the co-founder and CEO of Publish2 introduces the Content Graph which he explains as follows:

It’s about a big idea that I introduced at TechCrunch DisruptThe Content Graph — an analogue to the Social Graph, where high quality content brands create a large scale distribution network that could rival search and social media as a distributor of content.

In the Social Graph, you’re defined by your friends. In the Content Graph, a content brand is defined by its distribution relationships with other content brands.

The Content Graph is about leveraging the brand equity and consumer trust that is the greatest asset of every traditional media company. It’s about building a content brand’s reputation through distribution.

When he refers to the content graph the author talks mainly about news brands. That does not mean though that the concept cannot apply to other types of content. In fact, I think that leveraging the brand equity of photography companies can be a beginning in looking at expanding the way content can be monetized beyond simply licensing images. Karp says that companies can not only share resources but also generate revenues together. The article is worth a read and addresses a concept we will explore further here and on the Cepic congress in Istanbul 2011
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