Hosting Platform THP Announces Video Support

Spain-based THP (Technological Hosting Platform) is launching video distribution for its’ members


The THP Photo & Video Services, the software platform developed and administered by age fotostock, which offers IT infrastructure and services to stock photography agencies worldwide, announces that its members will distribute video with the same ease with which they have been distributing images for over 10 years.

Alfonso Gutiérrez, CEO of age fotostock, comments, “The THP (Technological Hosting Platform) is gaining momentum despite the current state of the industry and the worldwide economy. During 2010, we have focused on three major strategic and technical developments: the growth of the redistribution model, improving internal functionality and efficiency, and adapting the platform for video distribution. We are confident that all THP members will soon enjoy the benefits”.

During 2010 the THP has also uploaded 3.2 million professionally edited new images belonging to close to 200 different brands, 60 of which are new on the THP. That number also includes the carefully edited work of over 1000 selected, age fotostock photographers that enrich the collections of age fotostock (Rights Managed), Pixtal (Royalty Free) and easyFotostock (Low Budget Royalty Free).

Alfonso Gutiérrez goes on to say, “By adopting cloud and virtualization technologies we have streamlined our computer infrastructure and increased our worldwide reach at a much better speed. These developments increase the opportunities for all those providers and distributors who are ready to adapt to the market demand and ready to grow”.

Teresa Alonso, the International Director of age fotostock, comments, “By focusing on and realizing the full potential of the video distribution model, providers and distributors in the THP will benefit from an efficient model that dramatically decreases operational costs, something of utmost importance for business viability in these times of low image prices. By centralizing image and video uploading, providing remote connection to specific providers, and freeing the distributor of many tedious, content management tasks, distributors and providers can focus on their visibility and sales potential”. Alonso finishes by saying, “During 2011, all THP members will continue to benefit from the technical advancements the company is constantly developing to make finding the right image, or even the right video, an even faster and easier experience than it is today”.

About THP

The THP is the Technological Hosting Platform that connects image and video providers, distributors, and clients. The THP hosts an impressive database of slightly over 13 million high resolution image files and close to 100.000 video clips. THP Photo & Video Services also provides PhotoStorage and High Resolution file access to a total of 110 companies worldwide.

The THP was created and is managed single-handedly by age fotostock and has evolved into a community of close to 60 directly connected companies worldwide that can enjoy over 400 RF and RM collections and the images of more than 2,600 photographers and now video as well

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses