Getty Images Refurbishes London Offices

On the FRAME website you can get a glimpse at the new look of the Getty Images offices. The London office, based in Camden has seen its fair share of moves, changes and renovations but this time the company hired interior designfirm Bluebottle to do the project resulting in big changes to the interior of the industrial building in Bayham street. From the FRAME feature:

We wanted to utilise and showcase the vast database of incredible imagery available, to create something which gave an identity to Getty Images,’ Bishop explains. ‘Brand colours add splashes of colour to core areas, as a backdrop to the neutral working floors.’

Behind the long corian reception desk is a floor-to-ceiling media wall displaying Getty Images, plus a mosaic backdrop. The façade windows are covered with a dot matrix applied film, which adds a subtle graphic while allowing views in-and-out of the building.

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