The Granger Collection Partners With the Horst Tappe Foundation

Historical photography agency the Granger collection is partnering with the Horst Tappe foundation giving it access to the collection of this renowned photographer.


Renowned German-born photographer Horst Tappe’s portraits of international artists, writers, actors, and musicians are now available at The Granger Collection through a special partnership with the Horst Tappe Foundation.  Created in his memory, the Foundation has preserved the photographer’s life work, which captures the late 20th century’s most creative and talented individuals such as Joan Baez, T.S.Eliot, Pablo Picasso, and Vanessa Redgrave.

Notable images include those of Vladimir Nabokov with a net catching butterflies in Montraux, Switzerland.  Tappe befriended Nabokov in 1962 and up until Nabokov’s death 15 years later, photographed him in close and intimate moments.  Alfred Hitchcock was also a subject of the master’s unrelenting lens; in a rare and unusual caricature, Tappe exaggerated Hitchcock’s proportions for heightened effect.

“Horst Tappe was an uncanny portraitist,” says Lila Dlaboha, Managing Director of The Granger Collection.  “The in-your-face intimacy he aroused from his subjects penetrated to the core of their being and stripped them of the celebrity façade.”

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses