Collaborative Art/Photography Site Ten Thousand Memories Launches

Ted van Cleave who co-founded Imagerights has launched a new project called Ten thousand Memories. The site captures memories of Ten Thousand contributors who share their pictures and text.


Ten thousand contributed photo memories – of events, families, vacations, children, landscapes, pets, and more – to become part of a multifaceted concept by award-winning art photographer Ted VanCleave

Ten Thousand Memories, the creation of distinguished art photographer Ted VanCleave, is a collaborative art project designed to bring memories to life on a grand scale. Ten thousand contributors are invited to share their photos – and the memories they represent – by submitting a photograph along with a brief text describing the memory depicted. Ten Thousand Memories’ purpose is to celebrate the importance of photography as a medium and its impact on our everyday lives. One photograph from a contributor will be chosen and turned into a Master Photo Mosaic using all ten thousand contributed photos. This master collage of ten thousand photos will be published as limited edition art prints.

“Photographs are powerful and permeate our lives,” said Ted VanCleave. “Our personal photographs, from simple camera-phone snapshots to finely crafted artistic shots, all hold within them the memories we have of that moment when they were created.  While most photos are taken as simple snapshots of everyday life, these snapshots may be the most valuable photos in existence, because they are keepers of our memories.”

In addition to limited edition art prints of the Master Photo Mosaic using one chosen photo, a Ten Thousand Memories coffee table book documenting the project will be published with all ten thousand photos and text plus profiles of select participating photographers. All contributed Ten Thousand Memories will be viewable on for twenty years, including photos and text plus a link to a site of each contributor’s choice (content restrictions apply; see site for details). There is a nominal fee of $20 U.S. per photo to contribute to this project; for every photo submitted, contributors will receive one entry into the drawing for the one 48″x84″ artist proof print of the Ten Thousand Memories Master Mosaic Collage ($6,000 value).

“As time passes, our memories of people, events and places often softens, it tends to fade a bit and sometimes it even disappears altogether,” continued Mr. VanCleave. “By recording our lives in photographs, we are able to re-visit our past and rekindle warm memories or even difficult times.  Photographs are vessels to our heartfelt memories. They are history, the history of our lives.”

About Ted VanCleave

Ted VanCleave’s art has received numerous honors and distinctions.  His work was selected by Laura Rosenstock, Curator, The Museum of Modern Art, New York to appear in the Faber Birren Color Award Show and he was awarded Top National Honors from the prestigious National Watercolor Society.  Featured interviews of VanCleave have received a worldwide audience on CNN among others.  His highly stylized photographs offer an exciting new approach to fine art photography. For additional details, please visit

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