Angola Image Bank Now Represented In Portugal

AIC Banco de Imagens is now representing the content of Angola Image Bank


AIC Arquivo Internacional de Cor Portugal has just signed a contract for distributing the content of Angola Image Bank. AIC operating in the Portuguese market exactly since 25 years now has just concluded with this very recent stock agency in Angola a contract for representing this content in Portugal in between other territories. Delivering a series of collections of internationally renowned brands, on which stand out names such as StockFood, The Bridgeman Art Library, Magnum Photos, August Image, BBC Motion, Image Source, PhotoAlto, among many other collections, with the entry of Angola Image Bank, AIC is able to response to numerous requests over the growing interest felt by the market as regards to Angola . The Angola Image Bank is an image database composed entirely of photographers living in Angola, and its primary focus is to cover all issues related to Angola: nature, landscape, population, industry, business, commerce and services.

With this database of images in full development, AIB provides continuous updates of new content and pictures, so that supply can be more complete. Through this presence and proximity to Angola, AIC may also provide photographic services under assignment, which, of course, has to be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses