Pepper Stark Announces Webinars For Picture Agencies

London based consultancy Pepper Stark will be organising a number of webinars for picture businesses.


Pepper Stark has announced their forthcoming seminars on online marketing and social media to take place in London over the coming month. For both seminars there will be specialist speakers who will deliver case studies and give practical examples of how attendees can put these ideas and techniques into practice themselves. These seminars are:

Effective Online Marketing
Tuesday, 29th March 2011

This seminar is aimed at smaller / or specialist agencies without extensive marketing budgets. The purpose is to help maximize return on marketing spend and resource. It’s targeted at the agency or marketing manager and will cover the basics of the following in a non-technical way: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) including SEO, pay per click advertising & paid inclusion and leveraging social media for increased brand awareness and sales development

Social Media for Business Development
Tuesday, 5th April 2011

This seminar is aimed at any agency and the people responsible for marketing and PR in that company and is specifically relevant for those that are starting out in social media for business. This seminar will start with the basics of how a company can get involved in social media. This will include the use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In and other sites and how these can be leveraged effectively a for marketing, PR and sales purposes. How to use social media will include: blogging for business, building your brand via social media, engaging with your target customer, driving traffic to your site and driving sales of your product

Both seminars take place from 10am – 1pm and cost £200 per person + vat. Each seminar is limited by space to 20 people. Bookings will be taken on a first come first served basis. To register your interest and book a place, please contact or go online to

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses