Panoramic Lens And App For iPhone Looking For Funding

This project is 13% into $20.000 in funding the company is looking for on fundraising site kickstarter. There are panoramic-type apps for the iPhone already but this one has a clip on lens for full effect. Check out the pitch in video below.

GoPano micro – A 360 lens for making panoramic video with the iPhone4 from EyeSee360 on Vimeo.


The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone4 to make 360 panoramic videos! Just snap the lens to your iPhone 4 and press record to make cool interactive 360 videos. Use it to record complete action at your favorite sport, record your next meeting in 360 or just as a fun toy this summer.

Our Goal

Imagine watching a football game broadcast and being able to follow your favorite player all the time or perhaps immersing yourself into your favorite television show and selecting your point of view !! GoPano’s technology brings a new angle to making videos. By freeing the video from a single perspective of a conventional camera, you can interact with the video in a way, never before possible. We strongly believe that 360 video will become as important in broadcasting as sound was to silent movies or colored television was to black&white television.

The “GoPano micro” is our first step in making panoramic video technology accesible to the masses.

With your help.

We need your help to make the “GoPano micro” a reality. We have a prototype and the software ready. A web platform to host 360 interactive movies is on its way. We are requesting your support to make this product a commercial reality. Support us on Kickstarter, tell your friends and spread this idea. And yes, you don’t have to stick to the tiers, please feel free to contribute any amount.

We are very thrilled with this new project. We hope with your support we can make this technology- The technology of the future!

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