Stock Artists Alliance Dissolving End Of April

The Stock Artists Alliance (SAA), an organisation dedicated to supporting the business of stock photographers has announced that due to deteriorating circumstances in the industry it will be dissolving at the end of this month. Here’s an excerpt from the letter that was with the announcement. More information on the CEPIC website:

As past leaders of the Stock Artists Alliance, this is a difficult letter to write. For each of us, and for so many of you, SAA has been an important part of our professional lives, as we have grown it into a driving industry force in advocacy, education and community.

However, the last few years have seen dramatic and wrenching changes in the stock photography industry. Photographers’ and agencies’ traditional business models are under tremendous competitive pressures. Unfortunately that has meant that resources to keep SAA vital are diminishing.

As a result, we are sad to announce that next month SAA will be dissolving as a trade association.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses

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