Movie Officially Released Via Filesharing Websites

Studio’s may still be fighting file sharing websites but not everyone is feeling the same. Instead of fighting ‘piracy’ the movie Zenith will be release via the dreaded sites themselves. The way the producers do this is interesting. The first episode is shared for free and viewers are then asked to contribute to see the next of 3 parts. The film is officially by ‘anonymous’ further contributing to the story. All three parts have been made and looking at the counter the first part has been downloaded 742.000 times on Vodo. A little bit over $6.000 has been donated so far on a target of $10.000 to release the next part. There are still a few slots for donations left though so whether this will be a success remains to be seen. If you’re interested to learn more about the reasons behind this you can check out this panel called ‘Can p2p save film’.

Finally, here’s the trailer

Marco | Editor

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