Stipple Reveals Full Picture Tagging Platform

Stipple, a startup that puts tags on images that you can click on to find out more information, or better, buy the product on the image has launched its full suite of solutions. The company has received $2 million in funding and extensive media coverage. Industry veteran and blogger Paul Melcher is VP of business development.

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“Stipple has created the first profitable ecosystem for photographers, publishers and brands while simultaneously creating a richer experience for consumers,” said Rey Flemings, Stipple co-founder and CEO. “Editorial photos generate millions of impressions each day. Many of those images contain products and brands that audiences would like to know more about. Stipple offers the first comprehensive web solution that provides accurate tagged information inside editorial images and also makes the images actionable to people who would like to discover more about the content in those images.”

Stipple has designed a system that provides accurate image tagging at the source of the image – with photographers and photo rights holders. It then extends the tagging accuracy to brands and publishers. Once an image is tagged by a brand, for instance, Stipple’s algorithmic fingerprint technology automatically syndicates the work across all related images on the web – there is absolutely no additional work required. This not only ensures accuracy in the image tags, it also helps to ensure that all photo rights are honored when those images are published.

Stipple, a San Francisco-based technology company, today introduced a suite of products that will forever transform how brands, publishers, and photo agencies work with editorial images and how consumers interact with them. The products — Lens, Pipeline, Network, and Want — offer an interconnected set of technology tools that accurately tag and monetize editorial images and turn them into e-commerce storefronts.

New Stipple products include: 

Stipple Lens, for photo rights holders – creates new revenue streams for photographers and photo rights agencies around their editorial image content, so they can earn additional revenue from the publication of their images. Lens currently licenses more than 100,000 editorial images per month from top photo agencies, including Abaca USA, Admedia, Buzz Foto, PictureGroup, Sipa, Starmax, Startraks and Zuma.

Stipple Pipeline, for brands – the first online image shopping system designed specifically for brands, Pipeline is a web-based application that enables the products contained in editorial photos to be accurately labeled, promoted and sold. It contains a real-time feed of the web’s most interesting and engaging editorial images so brands can essentially turn any editorial image containing their products into e-commerce storefronts. More than 50 brands including AAFA’s 2011 Brand of the Year William Rast, Vivitar, Local Celebrity, Swag Like Us, Silly Bandz, Signorelli, Hazel, Jaloux, Radii, Domino and Teruo Artistry are already using Stipple.


Stipple Network, for publishers –


Stipple Want, for consumers – enables audiences to shop and ‘want-list’ the products contained in editorial images throughout the web. Additionally, shoppers are able to bookmark specific products within an image. Stipple Want is a user-initiated experience and is activated only when consumers mouse-over products inside images.

Editor’s note:

For individual product press releases, fact sheets and screen shots, visit: If you would like to schedule a demonstration, please contact Dean Rodgers at (415) 618-8809 or part of Stipple’s original launch in late 2010, Network now syndicates search and shopping information to nationally distributed editorial images and continues to give publishers the ability to label the people, places, and things contained in their custom images. More than 1,300 publishers are a part of the Stipple Network today.

Turns editorial images into e-commerce storefronts for consumers

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