Alamy Sponsors 2011 Young Photographers Scholarship

For the third time in a row Alamy is sponsoring the Youg Photographers Alliance (YPA) scholarship program


Alamy, the world’s largest independent stock photo site, is sponsoring the 2011 Young Photographer’s Alliance (YPA) scholarship programme – for the third consecutive year, through the Alamy Scholarship Award.

The online image giant was first to pledge a scholarship in both 2009 and 2010, and is yet again leading the support for this year’s programme.

The YPA is a global community where young photographers connect with the inspiration, resources and contacts they need to build successful and sustainable careers as the great artists and communicators of the future.

Programme sponsorships provide mentoring, financial support and expertise to students who have been identified as having outstanding potential.

Jerry Tavin, a founder of YPA, said: “Alamy understands the goals of YPA to sustain the careers of emerging photographers in order to perpetuate our profession and the wonderful art of photography. We at YPA are so grateful for Alamy’s caring and gracious support of the foundation.

Alamy’s Head of Content, Alan Capel, added: “We didn’t hesitate in providing support to YPA again, and are pleased to have created such a strong allegiance. Our industry needs fresh and innovative creators and YPA develops the talents of rising stars, helping to channel their undisputed energy to exploit the opportunities ahead .

At last year’s annual YPA scholarship event in October, the Alamy Scholarship Award was presented to Haley Flores by renowned photographer, Barbara Bordnick. Commenting on the scholarship, Haley Flores said: “Personally, it means a lot to know I have an organization such as the YPA supporting me each step of my career. Its desire is pure; the YPA wants nothing more than to shape talent and support photography. I plan to remain connected with the YPA for as long as humanly possible.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses