Cepic New Media Day Video’s Now Online

The Cepic congress is an annual event that brings together the major producers, sellers and related companies in the photography business. In 2011 the event took place in Istanbul at the end of May. A major part of the event is dedicated to producers and sellers connecting and getting photography collections out to new markets and client groups. Last year was the first year the event was extended with a day full of seminars and panels. The day, entitled the ‘New Media Day’ was dedicated to learning and collaboration.

I had the pleasure to organise and moderate the second edition of this day with the Cepic team. The full day event in Istanbul consisted of a large number of speakers and participants from inside and outside the industry with a narrative ranging from the conceptual to the practical.

A summary of the day can be seen in my previous post. Now the full videos are becoming available for Cepic members. If you are a member or visitor to the event you will now have received an email with an access code to the videos. There  are are still a few coming but the majority is online now on Vimeo. And if you would like some specific recommendations just let me know in the comments or via email and I can point you in the right direction.

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