Cepic Elects New Board Members

Every two years, 7 members of the CEPIC Committee are elected by representatives of the National Associations. This year elections were held during CEPIC’s Annual General Meeting on May, 18th at the CEPIC Congress in Istanbul.

The officers, CEPIC President Christina Vaughan, Vice-President Klaus Plaumann and Treasurer Dominque Delouis have been reconfirmed in their positions.

Barbro Kaufmann, owner and managing director of Pix Offer in Sweden and president of SBF (Sweden), and Alfonso Gutierrez CEO at agefotostock and representative of AEAPAF (Spain), were both carried forward for a new term of two years.

Two new familiar faces of the industry joined the CEPIC Committee for the first time: Stefan Wittwer, CEO at Prisma and President of SAB (Swiss Association of Picture Agencies) and Pieter Doorman, owner of Imageselect and Chair at NLimage (Netherlands).

Pieter Doorman said: It is a real pleasure to be part of the CEPIC board and I am looking forward to working with all the different nationalities in the Board. I will do my best in order to give a positive contribution. It is of vital importance to have a strong European CEPIC organization supporting our industry in these changing and challenging times.

Stefan Wittwer added: I am looking forward to working as a team with my colleagues on the CEPIC Committee who join CEPIC with a diversified and huge know-how of the industry.

All appointees bring in extensive experience in the image industry as well as enthusiasm in their new elected position.

Christina Vaughan said: I am delighted to welcome the new board – in particular, our new members from Switzerland and Holland. We have much work to do with the enlargement and development of our organisation and the need to ensure that every voice in Europe is heard. I am thankful for the hard work of the departing committee and look forward to a renewed commitment and passion for CEPIC’s goals from our new team.

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