Leo Burnett Wins 2 Bronze Lions For Stock Agency VMI

At the Cannes Lions 2011 Leo Burnett Iberia won two Bronze Lions for the Corbis agent in Portugal VMI for the following campaigns. The creative director was Erick Rosa.


Creatives cherish their ideas. And they want to make the best out of them.

And that’s what Corbis helps them to do, by offering almost limitless image options, so they can execute them the best possible way. To illustrate that, we’ve developed images that show exactly that. That for every idea, we can offer millions of possibilities.

Winning 2 bronze lions, one for art direction and another for illustration was great. We had a lot of work putting together more than 200 pieces of images, to build each of the ads. And most important, it proves that our main target, creatives and art directors not only were hit by the message, but also appreciated it

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses