Kursiv Launches Chronix Creative Collection

The Swiss agency Kursiv is launching a creative collection called Chronix


New visual highlights from Kursiv: The swiss photoagency Kursiv just launched a new creative collection. It is called CHRONIX and contains unusual, often surprising and special photography. CHRONIX is designed for visual brainstorming, for daring designers and customers. Here you find trash and kitsch, cool snapshots along with studio photography and exceptional concepts and ideas. CHRONIX is a thrilling mix, challenging, inspiring and shows interesting photography beyond the mainstream.

CHRONIX stays young. Kursiv continually expands and renews the collection. Timeless design never changes, but Zeitgeist does – so does CHRONIX, like your own ideas, and gives a blend of both. The selection is inspiring and challenging, showing good photography beyond the mainstream.

CHRONIX is the third collection of Kursiv, following the release of the bookcover collection “Booxx” and the postcards and display collection “Postcardz”. “We carefully build these collections»”, says Karsten Risseeuw of Kursiv, “not only to make it fun to search on our webstie, but also to truly inspire art-buyers and help them finding suitable images fast. We create shortcuts for creative designer”.

> More information about the CHRONIX collektion

Kursiv photoagency, Switzerland, www.kursiv.com.

Marco | Editor

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