Shutterstock Introduces New Keyword Trends Tool

Photol subscription website Shutterstock has introduced a tool to help conributors improve their keywording


Shutterstock is introducing a tool to help contributors discover image keywords with high customer demand.

The new Keyword Trends tool offers a glimpse into which terms customers search for on Shutterstock. Artists can enter up to five words and see a graph of the words’ popularity over time.

Keyword Trends is the first tool of its kind in our industry, and represents a big step forward in the sharing of information between an agency and its contributors. Artists can use it to help plan when to create content in response to demand and make decisions about when to upload seasonal images. Shutterstock contributors can use it to understand seasonality and discover emerging trends. For example, searching for words like Christmas, summer, spring, autumn, winter, beach, football, fireworks, or snow will uncover seasonal patterns.

Artists can also check their hunches if they think a search term is popular, and see if some  words are becoming more or less popular over time.

The tool is available now to logged-in contributors. For more information, please visit the special area on the Shutterstock website.

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  • July 15, 2011 at 9:38 am

    Havent Alamy been doing this for years with AlamyMeasures?

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