New Microstock Expo Taking Place In Berlin Gaining Momentum

Microstock Insiders Amos Struck and Lee Torrens have teamed up to create the first Microstock Expo, an event taking place in Berlin in November.

The first Microstock Expo and Conference (, scheduled for November 5 and 6, 2011 in Berlin, Germany, has received an unprecedented positive response from industry experts. The conference, targeting microstock businesses and professional stock photographers, will prove to ignite changes to the industry through round table discussions, industry speaker events and a large industry expo that has received sponsorship support from some of the top stock photo agencies.

“We wanted to create a resource where professionals could get together and discuss advancements within the microstock industry – topics that require a conference platform to initiate and contribute to the ongoing innovation of the microstock industry,” stated Lee Torrens, co-producer of the conference and avid industry analyst.

Stock photography agencies, contributing photographers and stock photo businesses have seen a surge within the industry due to the increased use of online platforms that use stock photography to drive success. The Microstock Expo and Conference will bring all microstock players into one arena to share ideas, brainstorm on future microstock business directions, while laying the groundwork for some innovative technology implementation.

Early success for the event has come in the form of sponsorship support. Dittmar Frohmann, senior director of Europe for iStockphoto, secured the top sponsorship package and offered his expertise for the conference program. Other early sponsorship commitments have come from Shutterstock and local microstock agencies PantherMedia and Photocase.

Microstock Expo and Conference 2011 is produced by Amos Struck of Stock Photo Press ( and Lee Torrens of Microstock Diaries (, two industry experts that are committed to the development and innovation of the stock photography industry. Their achievements include the creation of the Microstock Photo Plugin for WordPress (, Microstock Charts ( and GuteWolke (, companies and technology supports that have successfully introduced stock photo venders to new sales outlets and shaped the future of the stock photo industry through innovation and strategic investments.

About Microstock Expo 2011 – The Microstock Expo & Conference is designed to deliver invaluable resources for microstock professionals: microstock agencies, non-microstock agencies, service providers and professional contributors through industry directed and supported presentations, round-table discussions, shooting workshops and image critiques while facilitating open discussion and networking opportunities

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses