Masterfile Updates Website

Stock photography company Masterfile has announced improvements to its’ website


Masterfile, a global leader in stock image licensing, has upgraded its website with a suite of timesaving tools for the creative professional.

“The new is a game changer: it makes the task of sifting through millions of images an enjoyable, rewarding and ultimately creative experience.” – Steve Pigeon, President.

In addition to powerful extant features like SimSearch™, zoom and visual pairing, new capabilities enable users to:

  • Customize the interface
  • Open, refine and save searches on multiple tabs
  • Search by colour with preset palettes
  • Review previously enlarged images with an extensive search history
  • and perhaps the most interesting feature of all:

  • Upload a reference image and find a similar – or a match – in seconds!

John McDonald, Masterfile’s Vice-President of Product Development and the technology’s creator says “The new Masterfile interface allows you to find the right image faster than ever with a minimum of effort. In effect, you can search literally and visually and see the results in parallel. When you’re looking for that one image in a million, Masterfile will help you find it faster than anything on the planet.”

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses