Sports Illustrated New App Features Getty Images

This is the new Sports Illustrated app and it’s called Football Rivals. The app features extensive use of images and as it turns out from the terms and conditions they appear to be supplied by Getty Images:

Getty Images still images and visual representations (including, without limitation, from Getty Images wholly-owned Sport, MLB, NHLI, AFP Sport, and Bongarts Sports collections) may not be republished, retransmitted, reproduced, downloaded or otherwise used, except for downloading for personal, non-commercial use.


The Sports Illustrated Football Rivals App takes users inside 10 of the most definitive rivalries in college football and NFL. With stunning photography, compelling videos, and interactive components, fans can see what lies at the root of these timeless matchups. The FREE app will be available for the iPad, iPhone & Android smartphones

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses