iStockalypse In Milan From 28 September To 2 October

iStockphoto announces iStockalypse Milan, a 5 day event that aims to provide insights in how to make a living from stock photography. The event is sponsored by Canon Europe


iStockphoto today announced the first Italian iStockalypse, a five-day photography event, 28 September – 2 October 2011 being held in Milan and surrounding villages. The Italian iStockalypse is organized in partnership with Canon, a world leader in imaging products and solutions, which will provide its leading photographic equipment and educational resources as part of this sponsorship.

iStockalypse was born in early 2005, as an official multi-day iStockphoto (iStock) event. Artists and photographers from the international iStock contributor community come together to collaborate, share knowledge, and exchange tricks of the stock photography trade. The events transform hobbyists into knowledgeable photographers, and endow them with the skills for a professional career, as well develop the skills of professional photographers.

Each day iStock sets the stage for participants to launch into high-end photo-shoots —carefully planning and selecting locations, models, wardrobe and fashion designers, hair and make-up

professionals, props, professional equipment and mentorship.

Nick King, vice president, international, of iStockphoto, said,Everything about Italy is beautiful: the language, the architecture, the landscape, the food, the wine and of course there’s the exquisite fashion. Add a handful of some of the top photographers in the business working together and you’ve got a recipe for some truly mind-blowing results. We’re delighted to be partnering with Canon to bring the iStockalypse experience to Milan for the first time. ”

Kieran Magee, European Professional Imaging marketing director at Canon Europe, comments: “iStockalypse is a fantastic platform for attendees to push their abilities to new levels, individually and collaboratively.  Canon experts will be on hand at the event to offer guidance, equipment and education for photographers of all levels. Everyone from beginners to seasoned pros has the opportunity to share what they know and create brilliant images with old and new friends.”

iStockalypse is organized by official staff, with heavy involvement from community members on the ground in the host cities. Local contributors in each location bring an insider’s view of cultural heritage. Since the first event in Las Vegas, iStock has traveled to Boston, Prague, Slovenia, Barcelona, Marseille, Austin, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Seattle, New York, Berlin, Istanbul, Cannes, Tokyo, Calgary, Malta, and London, and there are no plans to slow down. iStockalypse Milan will draw heavily on the experience of its vibrant Italian contributor community, and will also be supported by local on-the-ground staff, including recently appointed Country Manager, Nicola Ghezzi.

Brief Shooting Schedule

On Wednesday September 28th, iStock contributors (photographers) and clients (design and advertising agencies) will gather for a day of educational opportunities and discussions. The various workshops have been designed to enhance all aspects of the artist, in all mediums. iStock will introduce photographers to video in “Getting Started as a Video Contributor,”  delve deep into photo lighting skills in the “Photo Lighting workshop”, discuss audio in “one Stop Portfolios” and address vectors in “Illustrations from start to finish.”  In addition, iStock will showcase new contributors and discuss buyer’s needs in panel sessions.

From the 29th through 2nd, each day, photographers will embark on a daily shoot in one of four directions. They’ll be tasked with shooting traditional stock concepts, challenged with capturing editorial content in Milan, and adventuring casual lifestyle outdoor concepts in the towns of Bergamo, Como, Lecco and Pavia; all located in the stunning Lombardia region of Italy.

During the editorial shoots, attendees will be challenged with locations and concepts around the City of Milan, in various outdoor non-set locations including:

–       Transportation, Logistics and Commuting

–       Environmental and Green Industry

–       Daily Life in the City

–       Business and Industry

At the Studio shoots, attendees will work on both video and photo concepts in a creative space. The locations and concepts are around the City of Milan, in set studio locations and will address:

–       Video: Human Interaction and Relationships

–       Photo: Innovation, Happiness, Trust, Diversity, Community and Real

Each day a group will also shoot a traditional stock concept in the perfect location where we can capture Italy in style, complete with artistic direction, lights and models.

Locations and concepts around the City of Milan, include shooting locations:

–       Lifestyle at Home & Football/Soccer

–       Aperitivo (Milanese Evening Social Life)

–       Mulino Bianco (Multigenerational Family)

–       Education & Student Lifestyle

Each day a group will take their models, backpacks and inspirations to the surrounding towns and countryside. Groups will venture through enchanting Lombardia for a day to Bergamo, Como, Lecco or Pavia to capture everyday Italian life on the streets, in cafes and around the towns – all in the name of capturing authentic Italy.

As part of the sponsorship agreement with iStock, Canon Europe will be providing equipment and expertise to the gathered photographers and videographers at both studio shoots and on location.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses