Artwork Left On Street Finds Lucky Owners

This was  found decribes itself as ‘A distributed gallery space, a way of disseminating art ready to be looted…’. The artist named Mrog Deville leaves artwork in the street until it’s picked up by passers by, many of whom react with thank-you’s on the website. Check it out


This Was Found is an experiment, a flight of the imagination, an excursion into distributed photographic art.

Recently in the UK people have gone out and obtained the assets of today’s society, namely: plasma screen TVs, mobile phones and trainers, all for free, through the medium of looting.  Partly inspired by this, the This Was Found foundation was set up to create and distribute free photographic art to the masses,  thus bringing a spot of unique creativity to the streets.

So this is the idea behind This Was Found:

Photographic artwork, (and other mediums too eventually) are printed in the Foundation’s darkroom, then framed or mounted ready for distribution.  These works are then placed in situ in unique locations. These locations are not where you would normally put artworks.  We hope the works will persist in these locations, or be picked up by members of the public, who will go home and treasure them forever.  Otherwise the works may be picked up by the bin men, and that will be that.

The project engages people on many levels:

–  Thinking about place
– Transposition of photography (you don’t normally see a picture next to its subject)
–  Something lost, something found

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses