Simon Cliffe Steps Down From Bapla

Simon Cliffe, CEO of the British Association of Picture Libraries is stepping down.


I’m very, very sad to be leaving this industry – it’s full of incredibly smart, passionate and nice people whose experience I’ve been able to draw upon these last few years; and thanks to that, I’ve had the opportunity to do what I was asked to do and develop a strategy that ensures BAPLA can continue punching above its weight despite the darkening economic background.  That job is now done.

Please believe me though when I say the wheels of change are in motion, and they’re moving incredibly fast. Your business faces the prospect of momentous legislative change, and change that without a well supported BAPLA, could drastically limit your earning potential in the time ahead. BAPLA will continue with it’s political strategy, working with legislators and influencers to promote solutions that take our industry into consideration and protects its longevity; BAPLA will also continue to provide you with tools to help you tackle problems you’re facing today – like new rights models, research projects, legal help and business critical documents such as the new digital terms and conditions. But BAPLA DOES need your support, and, I would urge those serious about the mid and long term future of this industry to get behind their Trade Association. The more support you give, the more impact BAPLA has.

It’s been a real pleasure working with you and I wish every one of you good luck and good business.

Many thanks for all your support!

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses