Science Photo Library Introduces ‘One Client All Uses License’

In a bid to simplify the RM licensing model, Science Photo Library is introducing an all encompassing pricing option


Science Photo Library, the world’s leading provider of scientific and specialist imagery has created a unique licence.

“One Client All Uses” allows image buyers to purchase a rights managed image at one price, for use by one client or company for all manner of uses. This includes things like brochures, newsletters, events, magazines, presentations, e-shots and websites.  The length of time for the licence is negotiable, with the standard being a year and advertising usage is not included in this offer but Science Photo Library will also negotiate on this.

“During some research this year, our clients were telling us that they liked our images, both royalty free and rights managed but that they found rights managed licences a bit too restrictive. So we came up with the idea of “One Client All Uses”. It means an image buyer can license a rights managed image once with us and then use it again and again without having to come back to us each time. We expect it will be particularly useful for design, advertising and marketing agencies but also companies or organisations with in-house marketing or design teams should benefit. Simply put, it will save clients time and money”, said Managing Director, Giancarlo Zuccotto.

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One thought on “Science Photo Library Introduces ‘One Client All Uses License’

  • October 26, 2011 at 6:31 am

    I agree the rights managed model needs simplifying for clients, so I found this interesting. But “One Client All Uses”, excluding advertising is rather contradictory. also at what price point is this being offered ?

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