Action Plus Photographer Peter Blakeman Wins Awards

Action Plus announces that Peter Blakeman received multiple awareds at the Loupe awards.


Action Plus Sports Images, one of the oldest sporting photography event libraries in the United Kingdom have announced that their Australian based photographer, Peter Blakeman, has achieved multiple awards from the recent International Loupe Awards competition for his sports pictures at Action Plus.

Said Stephen Hearn, Peter spends many hours working out new ways to shoot sports and other picture angles so that he can present his work  uniquely and with a different client in mind. His creative images will often find their way into coffee table books and places where great pictures are to be found. Having worked with us for over 10 years and travelled around the world shooting for Action Plus, we are pleased to represent his pictures, as are our clients. Peter was awarded 4 specific awards for his pictures this year by the Awards Judges:

Although Peter specializes in sports and the extreme nature of sports, he is also an accomplished nature photographer and one of his pictures was also selected for this category.

Further examples of Peter’s work can be found at where there are now over 350,000 sporting specific images online and a further 2 million available for research.

Action Plus Sports Images is fully accredited by the Football Association, IOC, Wimbledon, IAAF, FIFA, EUFA, FIA (F1, F3), Premiership Rugby, England Cricket Board, RFU, British Olympic Committee, PGA and European PGA. Actions Plus will be fully covering the 2012 Olympic Games for all sports with immediate upload of images to our site for the days events.

Marco | Editor

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