Thinkstock Collection Doubles Since Launch

Getty Images‘ Thinkstock subscription service has doubled since its launch


Getty Images, Inc. today announced the expansion of Thinkstock (, an image subscription product that provides one of the most complete offerings available in the marketplace, to include 19 new image collections which now includes content from Purestock, Eyecandy Images, Ron Chapple Studios, TongRo Images, Fogstock, Wavebreak Media and Zoonar.  With the addition of the new collections, Thinkstock has more than doubled the total amount of available images through their subscription service since launching in February 2010, to 7.7 million images and is expected to reach 10 million images in early-2012.

Thinkstock is a complete subscription service that offers millions of royalty-free photos, vectors and illustrations from Getty Images, iStockphoto and Jupiterimages, all in one place. As a subscription, Thinkstock provides customers with unique benefits including access to a wide breadth of quality content at a fixed price and flexible pricing options for every budget. Through Thinkstock’s expanded image offering, customers will continue to find the most updated search results, ensuring their creative work is both fresh and of the highest quality through immediate access to a steady stream of content with thousands of images added weekly.

“The new additions to Thinkstock’s collection showcase the vast diversity of our offering as well as our strong commitment to providing superior quality content,” said Andrew Saunders, Senior Vice President of Creative Content for Getty Images. “With these new image collections, we have taken our offering to nearly eight million images by January 2012, and we are thrilled that we are consistently able to provide original results and more global content to our customers which they are constantly seeking.”

Thinkstock will continue to provide full access to high resolution files with no additional fees, as well as unrivaled legal protection of purchased imagery. More than just a convenient way to access imagery in an instant, Thinkstock also provides the industry’s most competitive protection and guarantees each image with $10,000 indemnification. For any image that is used in compliance with the licensing terms, Thinkstock will protect customers against copyright claims and will defend, and be responsible for any amages and expenses up to $10,000 for each image downloaded.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses