iStockphoto Launches Free E-Card App For Facebook

To coincide with Valentine’s day iStockphoto has launched an E-Card App for Facebook users. The app is free


iStockphoto today announced a new app that lets anyone create fast, fun and free e-cards for use on Facebook. The company also announced the results of an in-depth consumer study that revealed more people are turning to e-cards now instead of traditional cards.

The iStock e-card App can be accessed via any existing iStockphoto Facebook page or In a matter of seconds, a user can create, customize and personalize a card that can be posted to a friend’s wall or sent privately via Facebook message. With over 50 free images, illustrations and videos representing major holidays, celebrations and milestones, iStock’s e-card app makes it easy to customize an electronic greeting for virtually any occasion.

“One of the greatest things about Facebook is that it lets you stay in touch with a wide range of people simultaneously,” said Rebecca Rockafellar, general manager of iStockphoto. “If you’re one of the more than 800 million people who frequent Facebook, chances are on any given day at least one of your friends is celebrating something special. The iStock e-card app makes it easy to mark the occasion with something more meaningful than a simple comment or wall post.”

iStock also announced the results of a survey it recently conducted on Facebook, which revealed the following:

  • Environmentally conscious women are OK with e-cards over paper cards (even on Valentine’s Day)*
  • Most women prefer Valentine’s Day gifts to e-cards *
  • Most men find Valentine’s Day e-cards a fine substitute for paper cards, but say a naughty outfit can negate the need for either (shocker)
  • For recipients aged 50-years and up, a handwritten card is more meaningful than an e-card in most cases*

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