Corbis Launches Entertainment Subscriptions

Corbis Images Launches OnDemand: Entertainment Subscriptions


Corbis Images (, a leading visual media provider for the creative community, today announced the launch of OnDemand: Entertainment, a flexible entertainment subscription service. The entertainment subscriptions provide customers with exclusive access to the industry’s most comprehensive collection of breaking entertainment and iconic celebrity imagery. The service will be available to customers worldwide searching for compelling creative content to showcase their celebrity and entertainment related news.

“Corbis entertainment subscriptions provide customers entertainment content from every facet of celebrity life – from the latest breaking Hollywood scoops to red carpet moments and high-concept magazine covers,” said Barak Ronen, senior vice president of Media for Corbis. “The new subscription service offers quick access, flexible terms, multiple content options and the ability to download relevant images from the largest collection of entertainment images available. We cover events as they happen and are truly the best option for customers who want the most comprehensive access to all things celebrity.”

OnDemand: Entertainment subscriptions include select imagery from Splash News, the world’s leading breaking entertainment and celebrity candid image provider, Corbis Outline™, Corbis’ renowned premium commercial brand, as well as red carpet and iconic celebrity imagery from the company’s unmatched collection of archives. Three subscription tiers are available to meet the diverse requirements of Corbis customers:

  • The BASE package is the most affordable of the three and provides entertainment coverage from the red carpet and global A-list events. Over 1000 images are added each day to the collection from Hollywood and around the world including major awards such as the Oscars, movie premieres, film festivals.  Includes access to 20 years of curated Base Entertainment archives with more than 500,000 images and over 1 million Splash News archive images.
  • The EXTENDED package includes everything in the BASE package, plus additional Corbis Entertainment content, runway and fashion images from Women’s Wear Daily and Condé Nast, theatre and concert coverage, and iconic archival shots from the world’s top photographers. Each day 800 to 1,000 images are added to this subscription. This package also provides access to a selection of Corbis’ historical entertainment archives including the legendary Bettmann collection.
  • The TOTAL ACCESS package provides everything offered above, plus the very latest Splash premium content delivered straight to customers’ desktops. This includes A-grade celebrity portraiture of today’s stars from exclusive and one on one sessions with some of the best portrait photographers in the world. Plus daily celebrity candids from Splash News. Around 1500 star candids and 25 front-page portraits are added every day.

To coincide with the launch, Corbis has also announced a campaign entitled Corbis “24 Hour Celebrity,” confirming its status as the industry’s premiere one-stop-shop for entertainment content.

For additional information about OnDemand: Entertainment subscriptions or to inquire about the “Corbis 24 Hour Celebrity” campaign, please call 800-260-0444 to speak with a Corbis representative.

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