Bridgeman, Looking For Artist Beneficiaries

Bridgeman is helping  the Artists’ Collecting Society (ACS)  look for beneficiaries for Artist Resales Rights royalties


The Artists’ Collecting Society (ACS) is the premier collecting society for the collection and distribution of Artist’s Resale Right (ARR) royalties. Find out more by visiting their website:

How can you help?

ACS has asked the Bridgeman Art Library to assist them in their search for the beneficiaries of a number of deceased artists whose work is now eligible for the Artist’s Resale Right (ARR).

As you may know, the UK delayed the inclusion of deceased artists into the Resale Right Directive until 1st January 2012, while in the rest of Europe living artists and those who have been dead for less than seventy years have been eligible to receive ARR since 2006.

Now that secondary sales of all deceased artists who died after 1942 are eligible for ARR in the UK, it is important that any royalties collected are passed to the correct beneficiary.  ACS has worked tirelessly to locate and correctly identify the appropriate beneficiaries for a very large number of artists’ estates but there are still a great many whose relatives are, as yet, unknown.

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The team would like to offer a small prize of a box of chocolates to anyone who is able to introduce them to the relation or beneficiary of any of the artists listed here.

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