Gunn Report On State Of the Industry Released

The latest Gunn report on the state of the creative industry has been released


The Gunn Report for Media, the global evaluation of media creativity launched in 2004, has today released its new report on the state of the industry.

The report covers several categories, including:

  • ·         the most creative  agency network
  • ·         the most creative holding company
  • ·         the most creative campaign and
  • ·         the most creative advertiser

“Once again The Gunn Report for Media has combined winners’ lists from the world’s most important award contests to establish the only global ‘league tables’ for the communications industry,” said Isabelle Musnik, editor of The Gunn Report for Media.

“In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, a growing number of advertisers are waking up to the importance of finding innovative, original ways of reaching customers, who are more and more unpredictable and changing all the time”.

“Consumers don’t want any more to be told what to do. Not only do they want to participate, share and collaborate as never before. But they also want to control and dictate whenwhere and how they are communicated to.  Media creativity is therefore an effective universal tool for brands for talking to consumers, meeting their objectives and standing out in a crowded field of competitors”.

Isabelle Musnik says that the Report’s aim is “to send a strong signal to the marketing industry, to put a global spotlight on media innovation, and to inspire a higher quality media product around the world. The future of the industry lies in the innovative strength of its media creativity. All the contests that I have reported on this year are witness to this”.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses