Alamy Passes 30 Million Images Mark

Alamy is adding 1 million images a month and has hit 30 million images


Online stock photo giant Alamy has moved effortlessly past the 30 million milestone and is currently adding 1 million new images to its pool of editorial and creative stock imagery every month.

Alan Capel, head of content said: “We’ve added some fantastic photographers such as Eric Lafforgue, Jessica Sample and Konrad Bak, alongside securing strategic deals with major reportage and celebrity agencies. This combination delivers the diversity and freshness that our customers demand.”

Rachel Wakefield, head of sales said: “There are no limits to our aspirations; we’ve shown that we can consistently grow our collection. Our broad contributor base leads to a large quantity of unique imagery; we can supply all of the images that customers expect plus unusual and hard to find one-offs.”

The company will shortly be adding video to its portfolio to further strengthen its comprehensive product offering.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses