Fotofringe Event Taking Place In London

92 Picture agencies will exhibit at the Fotofringe event taking place in London on the 26th of April. About 600 attendants have registered to visit.

The event takes place at Kingsplace, 90 York Way, N1 9AG London, United Kingdom. Here’s a list of most of the exhibitors:

4Corners Images; Advertising Archives; AKG Images; Alamy; Ancient Art & Architecture Collection; Arcaid Images; Arcticphoto; Ardea; Arenapal Performing Arts Library; Art Archive/Kobal; AWL Images; Bluegreen Images; Bridgeman Art Library; British Library Images Online; British Museum Images; Camera Press; Cody Images; Collections; Colorsport; Corbis; Country Life; Ecoscene; Education Photos; EWA Stock; Eye Ubiquitous; Flowerphotos; FLPA; Flynet Pictures; Fotolibra; GAP Interiors; GAP Photos; The Garden Collection; Garden World Images; Getty Images; Global Warming Images; Heritage Images; Homer Sykes My British Archive; Ikon Images; Images-4; Image Source; IPC Syndication; Kos Picture Source; LatitudeStock; Lebrecht Music & Arts; Living4Media; Lonely Planet Images; Loupe Images; Magnum Photos; Majority World; Mary Evans Picture Library; Mirrorpix; Natural History Museum; Nature Picture Library; Narratives; National Geographic; NI Syndication; Offside Sports Photography; Panos Pictures, PhotoCuisine; Photofusion; Photoshot; Phototake; Plainpicture; PPL Media; Rex Features; RHS Images; RIA Novosti; Robana Picture Library; Robert Harding; Ronald Grant Archive; Royal Geographic Society; RSPB Nature & Wildlife Images; Science Photo Library; Science & Society; Scope Features and Beauty; SkyScan; Sonia Halliday Photographs; SocialStock; Steve Bloom Images; Stockfood; Superstock; Tate Images;;; VIEW Pictures; Wellcome Images; WENN; Werner Forman Archive; Writer Pictures.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses