Fotolytics Introducing ‘Image Discovery’ Service At Cepic

Fotolytics is presenting image search technology at Cepic taking place over the coming 3 days in London


Image Discovery for Picture Libraries Makes Business Sense

Image searching on image libraries, art collections and stock photography agencies can be a pain for most users, but in the age of “Big Data” and “Machine Learning”, using multiple computer algorithms to enhance the user experience has now become a reality and doesn’t necessarily have to cost companies the price of a rocket scientist. Fotolytics services range from entry-level API products to bespoke consultancy projects serving Fortune 500 companies like Macmillan Publishing.

Fotolytics, a London-based company, is looking forward to meeting image libraries at the CEPIC Congress to help them enhance their image search, but more importantly, improve sales and retention. What’s more, integration is easy for developers and can be achieved with just one line of code on a website.  Case studies from Amazon, Netflix and Apple and RecSys’ own experience has seen user conversions increase between 5-35% depending on product and industry.

Nick Tsinonis, CEO, who’ll be exhibiting at the CEPIC Congress May 15th-18th, believes that the next stage of image library search innovation will come from understanding  “taste” of the user and thus personalising the experience for the customer based on a mixture of client needs but also taking into account key business objectives.

About Fotolytics:
Fotolytics is part of an award-winning company called RecSys Ltd which, since 2006, provides recommendation engine and personalization algorithms to social networks, e-commerce, media and content providers. Fotolytics has expanded its services into the Imaging Industry and has recently signed deals with major art sites and image libraries in the UK and the US.

Nick Tsinonis, co-founder and CEO of RecSys Ltd,  has always been passionate about the photography and image business and is a freelance  contributor to Alamy, Superstock and iStockPhoto.  He partnered with Gavin Potter, Netflix Prize finalist and ex-IBM Head of Analytics , in 2008, to create RecSys Ltd to create products and services using Big Data and Machine Learning algorithms.

Marco | Editor

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