Stockfood Introduces Recipe Videos

StockFood introduces Recipe Videos


StockFood, the leading food media agency, is adding a new product to its extensive visual collection: instructional Recipe Videos, offered with a package of additional complementary information services. The Recipe Video collection is targeted at the food, retail and hospitality industries, as well as a broad user group of online media.

In food advertising and communication, video has become one of the most important media of our time. Professional media customers will now have a large selection of Recipe Videos at their disposal: stylish productions demonstrating the detailed food preparation of the most iconic international dishes and professional cooking techniques. All videos are model released and there are no products or labels involved. Unique in the industry, this product will be delivered to clients as a ready-to-use media package: Recipe Videos come complete with original sound, English or German voice-over, detailed recipe text, the text script and selected photographs.

All Recipe Videos last for between one and five minutes and they are produced according to StockFood’s well-established quality standards which are exceptionally high. Each video production enjoys a complete film crew on set, consisting of a director, cinematographer, writer, voiceover artist, food photographers, food stylists, and not least, an experienced chef de cuisine. The videos can be licensed for a wide variety of uses such as websites, tablets, digital marketing and screen advertising.

Recipe Videos are easily accessed via the StockFood website A detailed category search enables clients to browse efficiently through all available Recipe Videos. New videos arrive on a monthly basis and the collection is scheduled to grow quickly.

Alongside these brand new Recipe Videos, StockFood continues to offer its established collection of Short Clips: short sequences of up to 1 minute in length, with sound and final cut left to customers’ choice for optimum flexibility. They are available in two different price categories: Premium Clips start from 99 €, Value Clips from an affordable 19 €.

Short Clips are particularly suitable for integrating into existing projects, such as adverts and promotional videos. In the field of brand marketing, increasingly video-based, these clips are proving extremely popular. They are also used by leading retail chains for screens and displays in their stores. StockFood’s business clients include television stations, advertising agencies, media and publishing houses, corporate communications, hotel and restaurant chains and large web portals.

Recipe Videos and Short Clips are available in all formats from web size up to full HD. Short clips can also be licensed for a one-off fee for unlimited use (“Royalty Free”).  For more information go to

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