Imprezzeo Launches New Image Suite

Visual search company Imprezzeo Releases Image Suite V2.0 with enhanced support for Cloud service providers.


Imprezzeo, the leader in enterprise visual search, ( today, announced the release of version 2.0 of Imprezzeo Image Suite.

Imprezzeo patented technology provides developers with tools to enable rapid integration of visual similarity search and facial recognition functionality into existing search, content management and DAM systems.
Peter Chin, CEO of Imprezzeo, says: “V2.0 is an important step forward in terms of functionality and contains many new feature our customers have asked for as well as specific enhancements designed for service providers and DAM vendors who offer public and private cloud services’.
Among the many new features are:

  • Support of REST/JSON interface for rapid integration with the Imprezzeo visual search platform
  • Enhancement of face recognition to include gender detection
  • Duplicate Image Identification service to help users find duplicate image files regardless of file names or associated metadata
  • Web based configutation workbench to help system administrators “tune” and manage Imprezzeo’s search features
  • Imprezzeo QuickInstall, a pre-configured system allowing for rapid deployment
  • Support for “Multi-Tenancy” – enabling service providers to manage multiple collections with a single instance of Imprezzeo
  • Enhancements to support “Cloud” deployment and management
  • Imprezzeo browser “plug-ins” for using external images as reference files for similarity searches

About Imprezzeo

Imprezzeo is a visual search technology company. Imprezzeo Image Suite provides an enterprise level solution that complements existing search systems, making it easier and faster for users to find the images they need. Our patented technology provides developer tools to enable rapid integration of visual similarity search and facial recognition functionality into existing search and content management systems.

Imprezzeo is collaboration between Independent News & Media, the University of Queensland and the University of Wollongong. Imprezzeo was launched in October 2008 and has offices in London and Sydney.Our clients are commercial picture libraries, digital asset management software vendors, systems integrators and outsourcers who in turn serve the social networking, publishing, creative, government and security market sectors.

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