Nordic Photos Launches Pixpuffin

NordicPhotos image agency launches PixPuffin photo management system.


NordicPhotos image agency has released PixPuffin, a cloud based photo management system for medium sized and small businesses.  Web-based, without any need for additional software or servers, it is the first of its kind and specially designed to administer  the image library of today’s companies and organizations. The system has been in constant development for over 11 years as the core system overseeing NordicPhotos’ own image library.

The rapid growth in photograph use and the amount of images shot, is facing companies with the  big problem of organizing their images, locating, sorting and to handling the copyright and licensing issues attached to them. NordicPhotos has created a user friendly and affordable solution, built on its extensive experience in handling image sorting and copyright matters.

The system is cloud hosted on 100% renewable energy servers, making PixPuffin the first completely eco friendly image management solution available. Between single user solutions and large, very expensive server based media management solutions, the creators of PixPuffin felt that user friendly and affordable image management solutions were somewhat lacking from the market.  Businesses and organizations can save a great amount of money every year by using a solution like PixPuffin, they can save time and prevent damages such as lost images and expensive copyright mistakes.

PixPuffin is currently looking for international agents.
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“We have talked to almost 200 companies during the past few weeks and it surprised us how much of a problem image management is becoming within companies of all kinds,  they are using more images than ever, but lacking systems to manage the images and the copyrights attached. Access to the images is also becoming increasingly important as many administrators in the company need to grant access to the media and clients as well as the employees and they must be able to control this access.”- Arnaldur Gauti Johnson, Managing Director NordicPhotos/PixPuffin

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    Nordicphotos should pay their ongoing debt owed to suppliers for too long !

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